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LineUP (Investigational Only)

Bilateral, Weight-Bearing CT imaging of the knee and lower extremities will redefine orthopedic care. 

The LineUP is investigational only and is not available for sale in the United States.

Curvebeam2 31

Fits Anywhere

49" x 67" footprint


Standard 115(US)/220 (Int) VAC Outlet

Easy to Operate

Easy entry & positioning

Straightforward kVp choices

Fixed mA

Quick Scan Times

Less than 30 seconds per scan.  

0.2 MM Slices + X-Ray Views

3D Reconstructions, Multi-Planar slices, X-Ray views

Minimal Maintenance
PACS/DICOM Compliant
Multi-Extremity CapabilityCurvebeam2 37

Positioning accessory allows for comfortable upper extremity scanning. Accessory is shielded to provide radiation protection to patient.