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The Face of Technical Support at CurveBeam

When people think of Technical Support when they have a  problem that needs to be solved –  and the sooner, the better. While CurveBeam’s Technical Support can help with on-the-spot issues, it does much more than that. The support comes in many forms: software updates, assistance with calibration, online coaching, and more.



All these tasks are headed up by Andrew Kochansz, theTechnical Support Manager at CurveBeam. He joined the CurveBeam family in May of 2013, and has been a long time resident of eastern Pennsylvania.

Andrew has specialized in cone beam CT medical devices since 2006, and previously supported dental/maxillofacial cone beam CT systems. Before that he held positions involving quality assurance, software testing, and computer repairs – all which help make him uniquely qualified to provide support for computer and software dependent imaging systems like the pedCAT. When he is not directly assisting customers, Andrew is also involved in the software testing and verification processes.

When support is required, Andrew is able to remotely log in to most systems and provide assistance within minutes of receiving a call. Sometimes the solution can be as simple as turning the pedCAT off and turning it back on again (“power cycling” it).  If on site required, he coordinates with Customer Relations Director Tami Alexander to arrange for a service technician to travel to the customer site.

Andrew can be reached directly at 267-483-8097 when in his office, from 9:30am – 6:00pm Eastern Time Zone (USA); but he also is available through call forwarding for a couple of hours before and after that. If for some reason he is busy, you can always leave a message with Tami at 267-483-8089, or at the main CurveBeam number 267-483-8081.

For those who need assistance with performing Calibration and QA scans, Andrew would like to remind everyone that video tutorials on how to use CubeVue software, including performing the “manual” QA procedure, can be found on the CurveBeam website.

Andrew can be reached at 267-483-8097 or