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CurveBeam Announces FDA 510(k) Clearance for InReach Cone Beam CT Imaging System for the Upper Extremities

InReachMay 8, 2017 – Warrington, Penn. – CurveBeam announced it has received FDA 510(k) clearance for the InReach, a Cone Beam CT imaging system primarily designed for the hand, wrist &elbow; & lower extremities in non-weight bearing position.

The InReach is an ultra-compact CT scanner that provides high-contrast 3D datasets of bony anatomy, which could potentially replace radiographs as a first line of diagnosis.                                                                                              

The InReach is ideal for the point-of-care because of its small footprint, its self-shielded design, and standard power requirements. Point-of-care 3D imaging allows for faster diagnosis and more accurate treatment plans.


“The InReach will revolutionize the speed and accuracy of assessment of upper extremity conditions that specialists have traditionally found challenging to diagnose with plain X-Ray, such as scaphoid fractures,” said CurveBeam President & CEO, Arun Singh. “The InReach continues the company’s mission to elevate advanced diagnostic imaging capabilities to enhance orthopedic care.”

The InReach is designed with patient comfort in mind. Patients’ hand, wrist or elbow is positioned in a height-adjustable bore while in standing or sitting position. The unit can also accommodate non-weight bearing, lower limb imaging. Scan times are less than 30 seconds.

The InReach device is supplemented by CubeVue, CurveBeam’s custom visualization software.  CubeVue gives orthopedic specialists unprecedented access to multi-planar slices and vivid 3D renderings of the anatomy previously not easily accessible to specialists. CubeVue’s Insta-X feature provides Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs, potentially eliminating the need for radiographic exams altogether. 

The InReach is the second extremity CT imaging system CurveBeam has introduced to the market.

CurveBeam is the leader in Weight-Bearing extremity CT imaging, starting with the introduction of its pioneer product, the pedCAT, in 2012. The pedCAT is the only CT system that allows for bilateral, true weight bearing imaging of the lower extremities. Since 2012, the pedCAT has been integrated into leading foot & ankle orthopedic and podiatric practices around the world.

CurveBeam is currently developing its next generation multi-extremity device, the LineUP, which will provide bilateral Weight-Bearing images of the knees in addition to feet, as well as hand, wrist & elbow. CurveBeam anticipates the LineUP will be submitted for FDA review by July, 2017.

Preview: Curvebeam at AAHS

In September 2016, we showcased InReach at the ASSH Conference! Take a look above!

Happy New Year from CurveBeam, we’re kicking off 2017 with a bang! This week in Waikoloa, HI, we are showcasing some incredible tech at the American Association for Hand Surgery Conference.

The AAHS was founded on the premise of bringing hand surgeons and hand therapy professionals from the United States, Canada, and other countries around the world who work to assess and manage a variety of common and complex conditions related to the hand and upper limb together to provide an educational forum to expand the professional expertise.

Here are the top reasons our Booth is a can’t miss!

    1. Experience CubeVue

CubeVue is a custom visualization software that can transform your diagnosis ability with 3D technology. It automatically generates all standard X-Ray views, eliminating the need for your plain X-Ray system altogether. Receive a demo at our booth!

      1. Learn how to better practice workflow

It is important to understand how point-of-care advanced diagnostic imaging can benefit your practice workflow. Learn how our imaging solutions can help you!

        1. Receive information about InReach

InReach is a point-of-care extremity CT imaging device that you saw in the video at the beginning of this article! The InReach is an extremity cone beam CT scanner that images the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow and the lower extremities that’s comfortable and low impact on your patients. It’s also FDA 510(K) Pending.

We are proud to surround ourselves with the top of the line medical professionals in the field of hand and upper extremities. Your dedication and hard work in the field is the reason we do what we do, and we are honored to be a part of a community that advances in leaps and bounds each year.

If you’re at the conference this week, don’t be shy, we’d love to meet you!