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netto webinar screenshotWeight Bearing CT as an Essential Diagnostic Tool

Presented by Dr. Cesar de Cesar Netto, MD, PhD




neufeld webinar screenshot

Using Weight Bearing CT to Guide Clinical Decision Making*

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steven Neufeld (Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center, Falls Church, VA) discusses the benefits of incorporating weight bearing CT technology into an orthopedic practice.



myerson webinar
The Usage of Weight Bearing CT Scan in Planning Foot and Ankle Surgery *

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark Myerson (The Institute of Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy, Baltimore) shares his experience using the pedCAT for assessment of the foot and ankle. He describes how weight bearing CT helped him treat a 13-year-old patient with a posterior and middle facet coalition, a 34-year-old patient with Muller Weiss disorder, and other cases. He also discusses the potential for orthotic assessment. 




Watson Webinar

Weight Bearing CT:A Welcome Ancillary for Foot and Ankle Surgeons*

Presented by Dr. Troy Watson



richter webinar screenshotpedCAT for Radiographic 3D-Imaging in Standing Position - Rationale, Technique & Scientific Study Results*

Presented by Dr. Martinus Richter



Weinstein webinar screenshotWeight Bearing CT for Forefoot Evaluation *

Presented by Dr. Robert Weinstein




Baravarian webinar screenshotAdvanced CT Imaging in Foot and Ankle Surgical Considerations*

Presented by Dr. Bob Baravarian




TALAS webinar screenshotTALAS Software for Quick and Efficient 3DWBCT Hindfoot Alignment Measure: A Revolution in Foot and Ankle Diagnosis

Presented by Dr. Francois Lintz




Barg Webinar Screen ShotWeight-bearing CT of the Foot & Ankle: Literature Review & Indications for Using in the Clinic

Presented by Dr. Alexej Barg




burssens webinar screenshotPitfalls in Hindfoot and Ankle Deformities Tackled by Weight Bearing CT

 Presented by Dr. Arne Burssens




Parekh webinar screen shotStanding CT - Zooming in on the Problem

Presented by Dr. Selene Parekh






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