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Bilateral, weight bearing scans of the foot & ankle give physicians the information they need to assess the biomechanical spatial relationships and alignment of the lower extremities. 

Quick Scan Times
Less than 30 seconds a scan 

3D Reconstructions, Multi-Planar slices, X-Rays
0.3mm slices
PACS/DICOM Compliant

Fits Anywhere 
49" x 62" footprint 
Standard 115(US)/220(Int) VAC Outlet

Standard Billing 
CPT Code 73700 - CT Lower Extremity

What Physicians are Saying...

"True deformity analysis should be performed in the patient's normal stance position, not in artificial constructs." - Dr. Robert Weinstein, DPM

"The weight bearing CT changed my daily practice. In former times we did standard X-Rays with weight bearing first and then if we were interested in 3D imaging, we sent the patient to CT. This could take days or even weeks. Now I have everything together in one minute." - Dr. Martinus Richter, MD, PhD

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