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  • LineUP

How LineUP Works

  • LineUP Stowaway Chair Demo

  • LineUP Foot & Ankle Scan Demo

  • LineUP Multi-Extremity Chair Demo

  • LineUP Weight Bearing Bilateral Knee Scan

How pedCAT Works

  • pedCAT Demo

  • pedCAT Demo

pedCAT Scans

  • Flat Foot

  • High Heel

  • Midfoot Fracture

pedCAT Testimonials

  • Dr. Erik Nilssen, MD: The pedCAT Changed My Practice

  • Dr.Martin O'Malley, MD: It's Going to Be the Standard of Care

  • Sean - Recreational Sports Injury

  • Elise - Multiple Surgeries before pedCAT

  • Dr. Martinus Richter, MD: pedCAT Really Improved Our Workflow

  • Dr. Arne Burssens - Using WBCT To Assess Forefoot Deformity

  • Dr. Cesar de Cesar Netto - Assessing Flat Foot Deformities in the Coronal Plane

InReach Testimonials

  • Dr. Josef Zoldos: Adding InReach to his Practice

  • Dr. Josef Zoldos: Patients Love It