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CubeVue Software

CubeVue 4 PanelCubeVue software provides powerful visualization tools to enhance diagnosis. The pedCAT system comes complete with CubeVue installed, giving you intuitive interpretation and treatment planning tools at your fingertips.

"I then began performing my ankle replacements using [CubeVue]. I found that my surgical time decreased by 40 percent and my ankle replacements became far more reproducible." - Dr. Babak Baravarian, DPM

CubeVue automatically generates all standard X-Ray views, possibly eliminating the need for your plain X-Ray system altogether. Insta-X views are free from magnification, distortion or patient positioning inaccuracies. 

- Zoom, pan and adjust window levelsAutobuild screen capture

- Save case workups

- Compare two studies side by side

- Create DICOM or JPEG images from any window, including 3D rendering and Insta-X

It is the user's responsibility to ensure monitor quality and ambient light conditions are consistent with the clinical application.

3D Rendering

View skin and bone in sharp detail. Rotate and segment the volume. two feet

MPR Views 

View anatomy with isotropic, high resolution .37 mm slices in every plane. 

cubeVue MPR slice