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Bilateral, Weight-Bearing CT imaging of the knee and lower extremities will redefine orthopedic care.

The LineUP is approved for sale in the United States, Australia, Canada and Europe. 

Fits Anywhere
49" x 62" footprint
Standard 115(US)/220 (Int) VAC Outlet

Easy to Operate
Easy entry & positioning
Straightforward kVp choices
Fixed mA

Quick Scan Times
Less than 30 seconds per scan

3D Reconstructions, Multi-Planar slices, X-Rays
0.3mm slices
PACS/DICOM Compliant

Multi-Extremity Capability
Shielded positioning accessory allows for comfortable upper extremity scanning

Standard Billing
CPT 73200 CT Upper Extremity

CPT 73700 CT Lower Extremity

+ Upper & Lower Extremity X-RAY codes

What Physicians are Saying...

dr photo

Dr. Martin O'Malley, MD

I now CT every ankle fracture, and I have been surprised at the variability.

Dr. Neil Segal, MD

“Weight bearing CT could replace radiographs as the recommended means of assessing knee OA.”


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Clinical Images

  • MARSide

    Total Ankle Replacement

  • Bilateral Knee with Implants

    Post-Operative Bilateral Knees

  • LineUP Case 1 3D

    Weight Bearing Knees

  • LineUP Case 2 3D

    Weight Bearing Knees

  • knee bilateral coronal

    Weight Bearing Knees

  • MARBackBeforeAfterSq

    MAR Before and After

  • LineUP Case 2 MPR

    Weight Bearing Knee

  • mar3


  • Orthotic 1

    Patient Scanned with Orthotic

  • MARSideBeforeAfterSq

    MAR Before and After

  • Bilateral Bone Detail

    Weight Bearing Feet

  • syndesmosis and fracture

    Weight Bearing Feet

  • talar calc coalition coronal left

    Weight Bearing Foot

  • MARBackAfter3

    Total Ankle Replacement

  • Knee No Joint Space Cropped

    Osteoarthritic Knee

Weight Bearing Difference

Weight bearing CT provides three-dimensional biomechanically accurate views of bone morphology, alignment and joint spaces. 

The American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society recommends standing (weight bearing) imaging, when possible, to get the most accurate assessment of the foot and ankle. The indications for weight bearing CT are broader than the indications for a lower extremity study on a helical medical CT system. For example, weight bearing CT can be used to investigate rotational dynamics of the hindfoot.

Weight bearing CT is unencumbered by overlapping anatomy, and is shown to be more sensitive and accurate for detection of osteophytes and subchondral cysts than conventional fixed-flexion radiography. 

Metal Artefact Reduction

CurveBeam's proprietary metal artefact reduction algorithm employs a high density detection filter, which enables more authentic reconstructions in the vicinity of metal hardware. The option to apply metal artefact reduction can be activated before the start of each scan.

Low Dose

The effective radiation dose of LineUP 3D scan is comparable to a few hours of equivalent background radiation. To put it in perspective, a LineUP scan effective radiation dose is at most about 3 micro Sieverts, and the average person in the U.S. receives an effective radiation dose of about 3000 micro Sieverts per year from naturally occurring radioactive materials and cosmic radiation from outer space.