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Fits Anywhere
23" x 36" footprint 
Standard 115V (220 VAC International) Outlet

Easy to Operate
Designed for easy entry & positioning
Straightforward kVp choices & fixed mA

Quick Scan Times
Less than 25 
seconds per scan 

0.2mm Slices + X-Ray Views
3D Reconstructions, Multi-Planar slices, Simulated X-Ray views

Ultra Low Dose

PACS Compatible

Standard Billing
CPT 73200 CT Upper Extremity
CPT 73700 CT Lower Extremity

What Physicians are Saying...


Dr. Josef Zoldos, MD

"We all know that the 3D morphology is overlapping and it's sometimes very difficult to tell on plain films. So this really does heighten our ability to make a diagnosis and examine patients." 


Dr. Lloyd Champagne, MD

"InReach has been an excellent asset allowing in-office imaging and rapid CT evaluation of the hands with complex diagnostic dilemmas." 


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Clinical Images

  • Capture

    Post-surgical wrist scan

  • Hand Radius FX axial

    Radius Fracture

  • Hand Scaphoid 3D

    Scaphoid fracture 3D Rendering

  • Wrist coronal 1

    Coronal wrist view

  • Hand Volar Plate Fixation

    Post-Surgical scan sagittal view

  • Hand in Plaster Cast 3D

    Hand in Plaster Cast

  • 3D Wrist

    3D Rendering of Wrist

Low Dose

The effective radiation dose of InReach scan is comparable to a few hours of equivalent background radiation. To put it in perspective, a InReach scan effective radiation dose is at most about 8 micro Sieverts, and the average person in the U.S. receives an effective radiation dose of about 3000 micro Sieverts per year from naturally occurring radioactive materials and cosmic radiation from outer space.