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InReach combinedPoint-of-care extremity CT imaging is now In Reach. The CurveBeam InReach is an extremity cone beam CT scanner that images the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow and the lower extremities.

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The InReach is the most compact orthopedic extremity CT scanner available. 


inrech positions

The height of the gantry can be vertically adjusted to a patient's height. The unit can scan a non-weight bearing knee or foot. 

Fits into your practice & Your Workflow

The InReach has a footprint of 23" x 36", and the unit plugs into a standard wall outlet. 

inreach room layout

Ultra-Low Dose 

The effective dose of a standard protocol InReach hand/wrist scan is less than 2 micro Sieverts for the average adult patient.

The effective dose of a standard protocol InReach foot/ankle scan is 3 - 6 micro Sieverts  for the average adult patient. 

The InReach Lite Dose protocol reduces dose by 56 - 65 percent of the InReach standard protocol for the average adult patient. 

Quick scan times

Less than 30 seconds per scan

PACS/DICOM compliant

- Automatically send original or reformatted datasets to configured locations.

- Manually send original or reformatted/ re-oriented datasets to configured locations.

- Manually send customized MPR slices and 3D renderings (secondary capture) to configured locations.

- Export datasets and/or images to removable media with the option to include a free viewer.

0.2 mm slices + X-Ray views

3D renderings, multi-planar slices, and X-Ray views