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Bilateral, weight bearing 3-Dimensional views of the foot & ankle give specialists the information they need to create comprehensive treatment plans. The pedCAT is a compact, ultra-low dose CT imaging system that is ideal for orthopedic and podiatric clinics. Patients benefit from the convenience of point-of-care advanced diagnostic imaging. Scan time is one minute, and the pedCAT automatically generates all standard X-Ray views in addition to the full CT volume.

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Seamless Whole-Foot & Bilateral Scanning

two feet wholeThe pedCAT has the largest field of view in its class. An adult's entire lower extremity can be captured in one volume. No stitching or post-processing is required to view forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot in a single volume. 

Scan both entire feet/ankles in one volume using a single scan protocol. No repositioning required to capture left & right foot.

Total scan time is 20 second for the partial field of view and 48 second for the large field of view. 

Fits in Your Practice & Your Workflow

The pedCAT's foot print is about 4' x 5', and the unit plugs into a standard wall outlet.  

PedCAT Room Layout

The pedCAT is PACS/ DICOM compatible, and supports DICOM modality worklist (HIS/RIS) and PACS integration.

- Automatically send original or reformatted datasets to configured locations.

- Manually send original or reformatted/ re-oriented datasets to configured locations.

- Manually send customized MPR slices and 3D renderings (secondary capture) to configured locations.

- Export datasets and/or images to removable media with the option to include a free viewer.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Patients

pedCAT scans are ultra-low dose. Depending on the scan protocol, the patient is exposed to 2 - 5 micro Sieverts per scan. That's about the same as a plain X-Ray study of the foot & ankle, and less than the average daily background radiation a US resident is exposed to.

The pedCAT is compliant with NEMA XR-29 2013 standards.

The pedCAT is self-shielded to ensure safe operation for you and your staff. 

Click here to download the pedCAT dosimetry report.