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About Cone Beam CT

Fan Beam CT Final
Traditional medical CT employs a narrow, fan shaped beam. Multiple, overlapping rotations are required to capture the region of interest. Tube current (mA) on a medical CT device is adjustable, depending on the region being scanned. Although mA is not the only factor that determines radiation dose, in general, higher mA settings will result in higher radiation dose to the patient. mA settings on conventional CT are typically between 50 to 300. Ultra-low-dose settings on conventional CT are typically in the range of 20 to 60 mA. 

Cone Beam CT Final

Cone Beam CT employs a wide, cone shaped beam. One rotation captures the region of interest. CurveBeam systems have a fixed tube current (mA) of 5, which is well below ultra-low-dose settings of traditional medical CT. Image quality of high contrast, hard tissue features is equivalent to conventional CT. The flat panel detector is positioned closer to the anatomy being imaged, which means less X-Ray dose is required to capture similar signal strength, as compared to conventional CT.